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PocketBook 622 Touch - Simple Tips to control reader I

PocketBook 622 Touch - Simple Tips to control reader

So I try to lead by example and write a few tips that experienced users know about, but newcomers can help.

Refresh the display

Sometimes it happens that the screen remains remnants of previous views - such subtle shadows and smudges. Help induce recovery screen (slang "inverting"). This is done automatically after a set number of pages. But sometimes "don't clean" system dialogs, sometimes shadows remain after figures in the text.

Renewal of the display can be relatively easily cause inserting bookmarks (and ev. removing it) -  just click finger in the upper right corner. This only works when reading books.

Another way is to call up and cancel the list of active tasks. It uses the fact that the system clears the screen after calling and hide the task list. Just press 2 times the icon of two overlapping rectangles on the right side of the bottom status bar. When reading it is necessary to recall  the status bar before - for some unfathomable reason overlaid line with the page number. Just press the icon in the lower right caret. So when reading press 3x at shelters, otherwise press 2 icon overlapping rectangles.


Press 2 times (in about 1/2 second interval) power button. The screen image is saved in the directory (folder) / screens in. Bmp.

Can be displayed using the built-in applications and allows you to copy pictures to a computer via USB.

It works if it is in Settings -> Key Mapping -> General key -> Press the ON / OFF selected Snapshot

Calling dictionary button

Calling dictionary standard procedure is quite annoying. 
Fortunately, you can set the invocation dictionary on a button. I have set up a dictionary invoking  by holding the  button menu for cca 1sec. (Settings -> Key Mapping -> EPUB, FB2 and more -> Menu (hold) chosen Dictionary). Analogously for PDF and DjVu. Then simply, if necessary, hold long (about 1.5 s) button menu and the dictionary will appear.

Simple calculator and calendar

In the status bar, tap the date (shown on the left side). While reading the book, you must raise the status bar first by pressing the icon at bottom right .
_Update: This pleasant litle feature trifle to factory FW v4 for some reason replaced the throw giant ugly calendar, which is completely useless.s._

Opening the books in alternative reading program

If the reader can open the book in more reading programs, you can choose a reader program.

Selection only works in the Library. 

Hold your finger on the line with the book name. Context menu appears. If you can open the book in multiple programs,  will appear the Open With menu item .... 

Selecting this item displays a list of programs. Tap the name of the program to start reading in this program and this chose will be remembered for the next time (in the list is then marked with a dot before the name).

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