neděle 6. listopadu 2016

Hobby King's new web site is a nightmare

The Hobby King's new web site is a nightmare. In fact there is nothing working properly. It's such very bad alpha version.

What I most miss of the new HobbyKing's site. At random:

  • You can not just switch to one warehouse. Senselessly offers goods, which then refuses to deliver
  • Search does not sort by price
  • No tracking numbers showing in list of orders
  • Product finding wizzards are not functional at all, whether I enter anything, the result is empty
  • Preview of individual order items, including pictures dismissed
  • The older history of my orders (before 2015) lost
  • The possibility of color highlight individual orders (in the old site I have in this way marked status of "delivered", "canceled" and so on.
  • Notifications by e-mail about Product Stock
  • Basically unusable an old product reviews and discussions of products
  • Gone a considerable part of downloads for each product (gives a 404 error - not found)
  • Czech language version of UI
  • The comments are not usable for me. It is based on Facebook that I refuse to use.
  • Elite Club membership has disappeared
  • Credit was disapeared, created "bonus point", that is set to zero.
I hope they restore some of the functions ev. substituting other. Order history about throwing away altogether, pity, I checked there about previously ordered parts.

Some time will probably have to be vigilant, the new software will certainly sometimes do what we did not wish ...

And I have great concerns about the security of user data. On this insufficiently developed and debugged software we can assume security problems in large scale.