pondělí 26. června 2017

Lynwo M4 is not IP67

25. 6. 2017, 23:41 

The Lynwo M4 would be a pretty good product if it would really match the IP67 specification (immersion in water at a depth of 1m for 30 minutes).

Unfortunately, I must say that the manufacturer's claim is untrue. After sinking to a depth of about 0.5m for about 30s, water appeared in the device. The display is virtually unreadable, sometimes the device can not be controlled at all.

If you need waterproofing (you want to use outdoor and sports), Lynwo M4 is a waste of money. 

Banggood provides a warranty of only 3 months, and it is unclear what warranty is after the first month.  In my case, they did not accept the guarantee even after 2.5 months (delivered on 04/12/2017, warranty applied 6/26/2017).


Banggood interprets guarantee very peculiar. In my case, they offered to compensate for about 1/3 of the price paid for Lynwo M4 devalued by the penetration of water. The reason was: "... because you have used it for 2 months, we could not make a full refund or resend a new one ...". Strange. 

Update 2:
After several exchanges of emails I managed to get a replacement for a new piece. Therefore, Banggood Customer Service, despite their initial rejection, is open to action.

EHMC v opalovacích krémech

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čtvrtek 22. června 2017

Doogee T5 Lite - odstranění obtěžující reklamy na APD News

Koupil jsem si jako druhý (odolný a vodovzdorný) telefon Doogee T5 Lite. Za ty peníze je to asi celkem dobrá koupě.

Po nějaké době se mi začala objevovat reklama na jakési APD News - přes celou obrazovku, v nejrůznějších situacích.