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FTP Access to the filesystem of the PB622 Touch

FTP Access to the filesystem of the PB622 Touch

If you do not know exactly what you're doing, so do not try it!!

Relatively extensive access to the file system reader may be obtained via FTP. It is necessary to install a special ftp server vsftpd (http://othb08me09zp-pb-apps.narod2.ru/vsftpd.tar.gz). Just unpack it, eg in a subdirectory of application (/application/vsftpd). 

Start vsftpd-launcher.app. A moment works, it starts WiFi. Access data (usually) displays on the screen. This is the IP address and port (default 2121) - eg You can join anonymously using standard FTP client, I use FTP plugin of Altap Salamander file manager. With changes in the file vsftpd.conf  you can set a different behavior.

Can, for example, do a nice view and download files from ebrmain.
Note that the default settings does not delete and rename files! (And so far I have not figured out how to enable deleting)

Access to user directories (on the SD card and "memory card reader"):

/mnt/ext1 - user "internal" memory card reader
/mnt/ext2 - SD

But it has problems with file names and directories with diacritics used.

Description (in Russian) is there: http://www.the-ebook.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=21649.

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