pátek 1. dubna 2016

Manual for Axeboard development boards 08N-40 for PICAXE 08M-40X2

For a long time I happily use development board for PICAXE Axeboard 08N. Now I needed to use Axeboard 28n and I wanted to check the documentation as what it is internal connected  and what the limits are.

On the Web retailer has to download the documentation for the older version Axeboard boards -  08 and 28. Manual for Axeboard new boards and boards for Picaxe with a different number of outlets there is no available for download.

It occurred to me to write the supplier if it is  possible get some documentation. They immediately sent a PDF file with a pretty nice descriptions.

Because they still do not have anywhere to download, I asked for permission to redistribute and got it. So there you have it:

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