neděle 29. března 2015

Rady k motoru TR35-48C 800kv

Tento motor trpívá  krátkou životností, na vině je zřejmě špatné upevnění konců vinutí.

Tohle jsem našel na webu - rady k motoru TR35-48C 800kv:

TR 35-48-C 800kv

If  you want this motor to last, a minimum of work will increase its life time greatly:
  • Remove the C clip and open the motor. 
  • Inside the motor, glue the wires coming from the 3 bullet connectors. Vibration *Will* break them. 
  • Place some fine high quality oil in both bearings. Close motor and place back the C clip.
I have purchased two of these motors very good value, but recommend giving the windings on stator a thin coating of epoxy to ensure windings stay tight.
Also on one of the motors, the prop shaft that mounts to bell end doesn't line up, the 4 threaded holes on bell are not in correct position,ended up filling and re-tapping holes in bell. Bit more quality control needed, but still a fine motor for the price.
When it first came it wouldn't start, so after checking the resistance between each pole I found that one connector had a cold solder.
After a little heat i got it to make a proper connection and spun it up at 6s with an 8.5x6 prop and it drew 32 amps. Can't wait to put it on a plane!

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